Amco innovates by offering a comprehensive educational solution that uses technology to facilitate the teaching-learning process and motivate students.

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Web Solution

Students, teachers, and parents can access digital content on the web platform.

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  • business-kids Cómo impulsar a tu hijo para que sea un niño emprendedor

    El término emprendedor es un derivado de la palabra francesa entrepreneur, que comúnmente lo asociamos con alguien que inicia desarrollando su idea y convirtiéndola en un modelo de negocio exitoso, siendo la innovación una herramienta fundamental de su éxito. Para …

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  • SB_Amco_3 1er. Concurso Amco International Spelling Bee 2015

    Por primera vez en la historia, se celebró el sábado 30 de mayo, en la ciudad de Guadalajara, Jalisco, un concurso internacional de deletreo. Amco organizó el International Spelling Bee 2015; orientado a promover la excelencia educativa, la ampliación de …

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We create and share relevant information for parents, offering practical tips for child development that can be implemented at home with the whole family.

About Us
About Us

Our main focus is cultivating relationships. Our learning programs and their implementation strategies lead us to join and collaborate with school communities, working together to achieve the goals of each institution.

We have an international presence, with offices in the United States, Mexico, Spain, and Chile. We serve more than 1000 schools in Mexico, Spain, Guatemala, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Honduras, and Chile. 

Educational Solution

We offer quality education through a unique teaching methodology based on the emotional, intellectual and social development of each student. We provide the necessary tools and experiences needed to face the challenges of today’s changing, multicultural, and competitive society.

  • Multiple intelligences
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Generating Voice Theory
  • Instructional materials and teaching strategies
  • Critical Thinking
  • Cooperative Learning
  • Graphic organizers
  • Educational technology
Educational Solution
  • Web Solution: Online platform for accessing all Amco materials.
    Teachers can plan, consult, and review their program using posters, flashcards, exams, and audios related to the book.
  • Solution Center: Support center for service requests, technical support, and general inquiries.
    We will gladly serve you through or by email at
  • Excellence in English and Technology: Certifications for students, teachers, and coordinators.
    For those schools that seek to achieve levels of English in accordance to international standards defined by the Common European Framework, Amco has established a strategic alliance with Excellence in English and Technology. This is an institution that offers a comprehensive model of evaluation and certification in conjunction with EDUQATIA, San Diego State University (SDSU) and Apple Professional Development.
  • Classroom Solution: Innovative digital content delivery system for meaningful learning.
    Our advanced, modern classroom technology encourages the creation of a “Total Learning Environment” where the student and digital mediator connect.

    **this service is only included in some programs.
  • Academic Center: A team of academic specialists.
    They support program implementation and offer ongoing training for teachers who work with Amco in their classrooms.
  • Amco Value: Additional events and services for schools, teachers, parents, and students.
    Amco offers a series of events and services designed for the different members of the school community, thus adding value to the school’s educational project.

    **the events and services may vary depending on the program implemented by the school.

Today it is necessary to provide evidence of successful results. For that reason, Amco—through Excellence in English and Technology—offers the opportunity to certify the English proficiency level of educational centers. These certifications take into account:

  • Leadership and coordination processes
  • Faculty competencies
  • Didactic development
  • Resources and technology
  • Student achievement results

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